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NSO Insurance Review

NSO insurance has been the leading type of coverage for nursing professionals for the past several decades. The company offers nurses and professionals in the nursing field insurance that protects them from lawsuits for alleged malpractice. Their coverage is a form of professional liability insurance.

The company doesn't only offer insurance for nurses, such as LPNs and RNs. There is insurance coverage for student nurses, nurse practitioners, nurse practitioner students, forensic nurses, legal nurse consultants, entire school or corporations. Depending on the type of job a nursing professional has, rates and specifications vary. However, NSO does have the most thorough and comprehensive plans for the overall value they offer.

NSO Insurance Review - "A" Rated

NSO insurance offers occurrence-based coverage. Some of the specific incidences that are provided for are professional liability coverage and protection, property damage, first-aid expenses, defendant expense benefits, license protection, personal injury protection, assault coverage, medical expenses and deposition representation.

In addition to offering the best terms for coverage, NSO also boasts American Casualty Company as their underwriter. This underwriter is a CNA company, which is the best professional liability group. NSO received an "A" rating from A.M. Best Company, resulting from their excellence in service.

NSO Insurance Review - A Leading Provider of Professional Liability Insurance

Nurses have chosen NSO as their individual provider for many years because of how quickly and efficiently claims are handled. The customer service staff are knowledgeable and able to assist policyholders with any issues in a timely manner. Nurses whose employers don't provide NSO often choose to buy their own policy with this company, aside from their employer's. This is because NSO has a proven history of helping nurses who are named in lawsuits. Not all company insurers offer this benefit, resulting in nurses losing their licenses. NSO protects a nurse's license while helping with litigation matters.

Professionals in the nursing business also enjoy the option to choose a benefit plan that best fits their needs. Those who work in an area of the field with low incidence of lawsuits may opt for the maximum professional liability limit of $1 million per claim, while those in riskier areas may choose to insure themselves for up to $6 million per claim. In addition to all of the benefits afforded policyholders, NSO also offers their award-winning coverage 24 hours per day from anywhere in the world. Group rates are also offered at lower rates than ever. These are just a few of the reasons why NSO insurance remains the leading provider for professional liability insurance in nursing.

Updated: 15 February 2013

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